Monday, February 18, 2008

Atlantic City, NJ - Base Exposures... What a night!!


2303 Pacific Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 449-0999

Easily the best club to visit in Atlantic City!

This club offers every type of girl you could imagine. Atleast 40 girls working on a Saturday night. This club is BYOB with a beer store/bar next door and you can bring coolers. Security requires visiters to check cell phones for $4 and coats are $2. They also require a $20 cover charge, which isn't that bad once you figure the money you save on buying drinks.

The girls are top notch (compared to other AC clubs). Dances are $30 and completely nude. Normal rules apply, so don't expect anything extra. A friend got douped into a $200 Champagne room visit (hes such an amature), and was extremely unhappy with his time. They do run specials at times offering 30 minute dances for $100.

If you are going for a birthday or special occasion, I recommend paying for the onstage dance. We payed $60 to have the ugliest girl possible beat the shit out of him with a belt. She tore his boxers, kicked him in the balls, and beat him bad (we have a sick sence of humor). All in good fun.

First time we visited the club we had the pleasure of watching two amature girls (maybe 18) get up on stage and dance. They got ass naked and ended up giving a buddy of mine a 20 minute lap dance for free!

This didn't seem like a 'ghetto' club. Everytime I have visited, I've never felt out of place. Lots of young and older men all thier for a good time. A few random girls will visit the club. I've only seen young girls thier, around the age of 18-21.

The only downside is the shortage of seats. But still enough room to have fun and get drunk.

Good Luck and enjoy! I definitly recommend checking this place out. Bring singles, the girls deserve the tips.


Anil said...

I love strip clubs. I am a fan of Scores in Baltimore, the weekend girls are def. worth the money!

shaw said...

Okay Bare Exposures is easily the best strip in AC. It is BYOB, there is a beer store next to the club meaning you can get hammered and not spend $100 on alchohol and the girls and the girls are top notch. The girls there are very friendly but on top of you for lap dances and I promise you whatever they tell you they will "definitely" do is a lie. The explain that these girls are good, a lot of them told me they were only seasonal there and lived in other places and came here only on certain times. On the weekend it gets incredibly crowded but most people dress like shit and the girls know who have money. The nice thing about the club is that its open until 6 a.m. Bascially what this means is you can go to the casino and make some money and then blow it on the strippers. I would try to sit in the front because you get almost a lap dance everytime a girl is dancing for just a dollar.

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