Monday, February 18, 2008

College Park, MD - Showcase Theatre...Skip this place and head to Baltimore


11223 Old Baltimore Pike
Beltsville, Maryland 20705
(301) 931-2540

Only place in the DC-MD-VA area (not including Baltimore, you can get anything in Baltimore) where you can receive a lap dance!

This is your average grimey strip club. This place is not exactly in a good area, but they do offer something that no other strip club in the DC Metro area offers. That is 'full grind' dances.

This is a membership club, so they say. Don't expect any class from this place. It reminds me of the scene of a good old fashion snuff film. You pay $5 to become a member, and then you pay:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: $15.00 with membership
Thursday, Friday, Saturday: $18.00 with membership

This was the club I would visit as a teenager in high school because they used to be BYOB. Now, due to Maryland law, no alchohol can be consumed in the establishment. On the upside, they are now an all-nude club, everyday!

They have a descent selection of girls, usually have about 10 girls working on a weekend shift. They are a bit on the 'ghetto' side. Not exactly the type of place you would want to bring your girlfriend. They have no dress code and you sit on old ass chairs. Everytime I used to visit, I noticed a lot of latino males that didn't speak any english. You also get your fair share of college students (University of Maryland is 2 miles away).

Lapdances run $20 for 'top on' and $30 for 'topless'. The dances are not private. They take you into a little cut out on the side of the club where everyone can watch you. It's pretty weird! You can get a dance in a back room, for $60 (one song). It is not worth it! Take my word for it.

Again this is not a classy joint, and it sucks that you can't drink. I would recommend taking a drive to Baltimore where you can work up a nice drunk and get lap dances.


OCOutofControl said...

I agree with Strip King on all aspects of the Club. I feel a nice side business would be to sell tetanus shots outside.
However, I must give a selection of the girls there much more credit. I must have proposed marriage to at least 4 of them and I will remember their full on lap dance when I am on my deathbed. Leila and Gracie are two of the finest strippers in MD for my money, and I believe they both hail from Bmore in fact. Also, watch out for Alana she is a pro from separating you from your money, which i wouldn't mind if she was a lil more enthusiastic and personal with her lap dances.
In the end, Showcase is the best club if you are in the DC area and love nude girls grinding on your body instead of watching from a stage and waiting for them to walk by asking for tips without so much as a brief straddling..

Josh Klein said...

Place has changed a lot. Come see for yourself. We have made renovations to the club and have lots of new HOT dancers !! And more changes to come just to perfect us !! Come see why " Ain't no place Like Showcase "

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